About Us

Since I was a young girl I have been fascinated with colour and decorating. I had the only purple bedroom in High School (as pointed out to me at my recent reunion). My mother’s wicker hamper when turned upside down and sprayed white, became a stool with the addition of a mauve, chenille toilet lid cover. The wooden coat rack from my Dad’s office, when painted white, was a wonderful way to display my purses, scarves and hats. May sound silly now, but that was the start of my passion of being a decorator

I have been fortunate to have being able to build on this passion, and make it my career. Along the way, I have worked with many wonderful people who have engaged me to decorate their homes (always on time and on budget, no matter how little or large their means). For me it is all about the smile on my clients’ faces when our project is complete. I look forward to meeting you and being part of yours!

The Toronto Star raves about Carol’s service:

The Toronto Star – Bargain Hunting in Hamilton (article)


When I was in high school, an aptitude test revealed one of the career paths best suited for me was that of an Interior Decorator. While I did have a successful career that started in Commercial Design, I often thought back to that Aptitude test and wondered…. what if? My passion for decorating grew through my 30’s as I began experimenting more with paint schemes and colour palettes. (A single bold eggplant stripe on a tall vaulted taupe wall comes to mind)I could easily spend hours in fabric shops matching paint card samples to material swatches. Though I am not a seamstress something about the colours and textures made me swoon. My obsession for accessorizing soon followed. I love the details that go into creating an interior design profile along with incorporating vintage pieces in my own home. Over the years, Ive often frequented thrift shops and yard sales hunting for unique treasures, while keeping costs to a minimum .During that time friends and family have frequently encouraged me to start a Decor business and now that I am in my 50,s I can’t believe I am doing just that. I am beyond thrilled to partner with Carol and to finally make that “what if?” into a reality.