Colour Consultation


Colour Consultation

The right paint colour palette can enhance the architectural details of a room. It can set a mood. You can make a space lighter, or cozier. You can choose colours that make you feel excited and alive, or serene and elegant. You hold a lot of power in that paintbrush of yours!

  • If you don’t want to do the work yourself, are a DIY-err and want do the painting yourself but just need a hand narrowing down all the colour options
  • want to improve your home’s curb appeal but have no idea what colours to choose for the exterior
  • know what you like but don’t know how to make it match existing fixtures like flooring and countertops
  • love how a space feels when the decor is harmonious and you’d like recommendations for all the rooms in your house or condo – so they complement each other
  • are selling a home and want to increase its appeal and ultimately its value

How a paint colour consultation works:

When you book your two-hour consultation, Carol will come to your home to see the space and to talk to you about what you love in décor and design and colour. You can have pictures of styles you like on hand, if you like – but no preparation on your part is necessary. Carol will assess all the fixed elements – things like countertops, the colour of the brick grout, your couch, or broadloom you don’t plan on changing – to ensure the palette you choose together will complement what’s existing.

She’ll ask about your ideas. If you were thinking “green” or have a pillow you love the colours of, that’s a perfect place to start. It’s equally perfect if you don’t have any ideas.

Carol will show you different colour combinations that could work in your space and the choice will be yours. Carol will provide you with samples of the colour palette you have chosen along with a room by room recap along with suggestions of paint type and finish.. A consultation could be a new colour scheme for your entire home’s or just one room..

She can also provide referrals for painters, if you don’t want to do the work yourself.

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